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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Goodguys!... or Not?

     When there once was a variety of electronics chains to choose where you wanted to buy a new TV, or the latest version of Quicken, particularly on the west coast was a chain known as The Good Guys!.

     At the chains peak, there was 71 stores throughout California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, the chain was founded in 1973, and there main office building was bought by CompUSA in 2003 as The Good Guys! was acquired by them, and by 2006, all The Good Guys! stores have changed names or closed.

     In April 1991, there was an attack, following a hostage crisis at a local store in Sacramento, California, and till this day, this remains to be the largest hostage crisis rescue in United States history.

     Here are some store pictures from various years, as none of these locations stand anymore, the first is a store long after closing, the second seems to be a cut from a commercial or news article, the third is from the hostage crisis, and the fourth is a black friday sale.

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