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The last 9 years of Seinfeld, the gang has been to many places and many stores were featured in various episodes through the seasons

The Parking Garage-1991 (Mall in "Jersey")

The Handicap Spot- 1993 (Stern's Department Store)

The Old Man- 1993 (Bleeker Bobs Records)

The Glasses- 1993 (Waldenbooks)

The Raincoats- 1994 (Saks Fifth Avenue Miami hand lotion)

The Rye- 1996 (Price Club haul)

The Chicken Roaster- 1996 (Kenny Rogers Roasters)

The Junk Mail- 1997 (Nobody Beats the Wiz!)

The Junk Mail- 1997 (Pottery Barn)

The Apology- 1997 (Baskin Robins)

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