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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Spring Hill Mall- (West Dundee, IL)

Spring Hill mall is a typical mall placed along the corner of RT. 31 and RT.72, and hour west of Chicago in West Dundee, IL. Spring Hill mall was developed by Homart Development Company, which was owned by Sears. The mall opened October 1980, with Sears and Marshall Fields as original anchors. Originally, Carson Pirie Scott was scheduled to open at the mall, but never did, it would of opened where Kohl's is currently located, originally Mainstreet.

The mall is currently anchored by:
Original Marshall Field's until 2006, when Macy's acquired the chain.


Former JCPenney, closed June 2011.

Former JCPenney

Original Main street Department Store until 1987.

Joseph Spiess Company, and Elgin, IL Based specialty department store opened in 1984, and closed 10 years later in 1994.

Wicked Furniture shortly later took its place, then became a Steve & Barry's Clothing Store, which later closing in February 2009, while the entire chain folded.
Original Joseph Spiess Company, Former Wickes Furniture, Steve & Barry's, and other furniture stores.

January 2011, JCPenney announced it would close its Spring Hill location in June.

Former JCPenney

Carson's eventually opened at the mall, by acquiring former anchor store, Bergner's, ( which was added to the mall as Bergner-Weise in 1981). Bergner's parent company, P.A. Bergner & Co acquired Carson Pirie Scott and Bergner's elected to re-brand its Chicago are Bergner store's, like Randhurst Mall and Spring Hill Mall.

Originally Bergner- Weise

Here is what the inside of the mall looks like:

This might have been some kind of restaurant? 

Circa 2012.

Former KB Toys.

Former Steve & Barry's and many furniture stores; changed name in 2013

Former JCPenney.

Here are some pictures from fall 2012, it was a rather dark and rainy night, seemed like perfect weather to spend time in the mall:

Spring Hill mall is a nice place, or can I say was a nice place. This mall does was it was meant to do, serve and satisfy the community, but for how long is the question? Plenty of people shop here, its commonly busy, but is changing trends and becoming run down. This is a great mall, but is also a prime example of what malls all around the country are becoming, rapidly adapting to new trends, but ones that can't suffer and slowly die off, and this one might be Chicago's next dead mall, but only time will tell.

Have any comments or pictures of your visits to the mall, feel free to post below.

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