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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Former K's Merchandise Corporate Office; Decatur, Illinois

          Not too far from the store K's had in Decatur, down the store is there corporate office, I love so much that the signage it still up, the shopping center down the street likely told them to take the sign off, but who can tell you to take the sign off your corporately owned building.

          Founded in Decatur, Illinois in 1957, K's Merchandise competed with many of the other catalog showroom stores, like Best, Brendles, and most remembered Service Merchandise. At the time of the closing in January, the chain has 17 stores in 5 Midwest states.

K's Merchandise also owned a chain "Bargain's Only" and had 4 stores in Mt.Zion, Champaign, Peoria, and Springfield.

Here is an article from the Bloomington Patagraph announcing the chains liquidation.

Here is my post of the former K's in the abandoned shopping center in Decatur.

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