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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Macy's Closing at Northwoods Mall & Update 3/16

          Since the first time I went to Peoria, Illinois, actually the only time I ever went to Peoria was a long time ago now, and a lot can change in my definition of a "long time", so I thought it was time to get on stage again and drive down there. Going to Decatur earlier, and I tend to avoid Pekin now because nothing else could change there, I quickly headed to Northwoods Mall before closing at 6 on a Sunday with anticipation that the Macy's store has is in liquidation with 39 others was not closed for good yet.

          Pulling in to the mall with the sun still up, I rushed into the lot and stormed into the Macy's entrance greeted by the sign "14 Days Left". Not really anything was left, which was to be expected, but I have never formally gone to a Macy's Closing, I am famous for my Kmart closure video's, but I am a novice to a Macy's closing.

I have been to Northwoods Mall in December 2013, here is my post on the mall with pictures from then, otherwise, enjoy this tale I have to tell about the updates I noticed over the past weekend.

Former Famous-Barr, soon to be former Macy's.

Fixtures for sale

Looks open...soon to be wrong.

Last chance to get a picture.

Already took them off the map!

Glad to see this was still up, the mall walkers map that still features the Famous-Barr name.

Closed for the day...13 days left!

JCPenney updated the store since the last time, with the new red sign and some type of painted squares motif.

Did not see this the last time because it was dark, a former JCPenney Automotive Center/ former Firestone, the scar is visible and as cool as ever!

I forgot to mention, as you will notice in my original post of the mall, the retro Foot Locker store since has closed and was replaced with a jewelry store.

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