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Monday, February 16, 2015

It looks like this is the end for Super Kmart

          Recently, going around the news and forums, it appears that 5 out of the 11 remaining Super Kmart Centers are being converted to a more traditional set-up, where the seafood, bakery, and deli, are being removed and the stores are basically split in half, yet there will be a new addition, "Kmart Fresh", where more food that whats regularly expected at a usual Kmart will be offered. This idead was originally tested at the Kmart in Norridge, IL.

          This method to save corporate costs has had a bad history with other stores closing shortly after this change went into effect for them over the years. At the peak of the chain, when Kmart was Kmart Corporation, or Troy, MI, there where over 100 super center stores by the end of 2001, with many more in the works before the bankruptcy announcement in January 2002 that halted the construction of what would never open as Super Kmart stores as well as the start of a decade struggle to remain a competitor in the market.

          The first Kmart Super Center opened in Medina, OH in 1991, where it offered many new features not found in a normal Kmart, like full-service grocery and expanded selection of other goods and full line auto and garden center.

          Kmart was very competitive in the 90's, a powerful company with many divisions, covering all the needs to customers, like Builder Square, Pace Membership Warehouse, Officemax, Borders Books, and Sports Authority. Super Kmart was there idea to compete with Hypermarkets like Wal-Mart Super centers, Hypermarket USA, and Twin-Valu.

Stores that are changing:
- Bradley, IL
- Tinley Park, IL

- Roseville, MI
- Cambridge, OH
- Uniontown, PA

Stores that will remain super:
-Taylor, MI
- Ashtabula, OH
- Chillicothe, OH
- Lorain, OH
- Mentor, OH
- Warren, OH

Here are pictures of the stores, press and news articles (I do NOT take any credit for these photos):

Indianapolis--Now closed

Bloomfield Hills, MI--- circa 2001

Indianapolis--- Now closed
Aisle of a traditional Super Kmart

Shoppers look for groceries at the Super Kmart Center in Bloomfield Hills, MI on November 21, 2001.

If anyone has any stories, questions, or answers, feel free to post and comment below.

Thank you for reading


  1. You got it mixed up. The Kmart in Bradley, IL remains a SuperK, whereas the Chillicothe, OH K-mart was the one that changed.

    1. Your right, it was right when the news came out, and I never edited this post after Kmart changed there initial decision.

  2. Now the Bradley, Illinois store is closed as Meijer bought the property for there store.

    1. Lorain, Taylor, Ashtabula are closing. Mentor and Warren are staying for now, but Mentor was sold to Meijer. We'll see how it plays out.

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