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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Woodfield Mall- (Schaumburg, IL)

Woodfield Mall, in Schaumburg, IL, is considered the largest mall in the state and places 10th as one of the largest malls in the country. The mall is located in the northwest suburb of Schaumburg, about 40 minutes from downtown Chicago at the intersection of Golf Road (RT-58) and accessible from Interstate 290/ RT-53.

Woodfield Mall in over 2.7 million square feet and has nearly 300 stores and also currently has 5 anchor stores including:

Woodfield Mall opened September 9, 1971 with Sears and Marshall Fields and 59 specialty shops, and by 1973, grew to 189 stores and was considered the largest mall in the country, which would change by 1976, with the opening of Randall Park Mall in the Cleveland suburb of North Randall, Ohio.

Lord & Taylor also opened in 1973.

The Pepsi vs. Coke craze spread to Chicago with the famous taste test booth setting up at Woodfield for mall patrons to test their taste buds.

Here is the commercial of the taste test at the mall in 1977:

The best holiday shopping in Chicago besides for the famous State street Marshall Fields and Water Tower Place, Christmas shopping is unforgettable with Woodfield and the many stores to suite any ones needs.

Here is a holiday commercial for Woodfield Mall in 1984:

Woodfield mall celebrated its 20th anniversary in 1991 and Lord & Taylor opened an even bigger store and in 1996, Nordstrom opened with fifty other stores as a new wing was completed.

Ikea opened a 3-story location across from Woodfield in the business district of Hoffman Estates.

Marshall Fields converted to Macy's in September 2006.

Here are many pictures of what Woodfield Mall looked like in September 2012.

Here are some pictures taken in "vivid color" setting.

Nothing but the best is for the future of Woodfield Mall, but what do you think...

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