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Monday, July 13, 2015

Redevelopment: Orchard Place in Skokie, Illinois

          There is buzz in Skokie, Illinois as the Orchard Place channel of empty store fronts will see new light with redevelopment underway. I have been going to the upscale Old Orchard Mall across the street as long as I can remember, and I never knew there was Circuit City in the store next to Linens 'N Things, but up until 2009 at the latest, both these stores had to be gone, as a  result of troubled economic times, and bankruptcy for the two.

          In have pictures from 2012, when the Linens 'N Things was gone for a few years already, as well as Circuit City, but Golf Galaxy took over half the store, and at the time, a Halloween store was in the LNT. Also, Best Buy and Ritz Camera was still open, and the Wilde & Green earth food store in Old Orchard, but those pictures will be seen in a later post.

          Now, in the summer of 2015, it looks like the residents of Skokie will have somewhere new to spend there time, and there dollars, yet details on what that would be have not been released, as far as my research goes.

They did a little sign dance from the previous pictures, as the order of the blanked out signs doesn't match the order in 2012.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to post below.

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