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Thursday, November 19, 2015

TTTM Podcast #1: Welcome to The Voice Behind the Opinion

Click below to listen:
TTTM Podcast #1: Welcome to The Voice Behind the Opinion

This is are first podcast, I am new to this, and did not even use a microphone, I just talked to my computer for 20 minutes and I hope everyone enjoys this, its a great step forward for Trip to the Mall.

Key Points:

Summary of what the podcast is for and simply how you can listen to what is expected in the future by the points I mentioned, juicy stuff!

What I cover on TTTM and Facebook

The time frame for each podcast

Why I choose Thursday

What you guys can do for me

I hope I do not break any Soundcloud rules, don't know how that's possible.

This are getting for humorous than serious.

Room to Grow:

Post any opinions both good and bad below and on Facebook

Thank you for listening and continue to support Trip to the Mall.

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