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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday 2015!

          That time of year is among us again, the time of year, where one day, dinner is a 4:30 in the afternoon for some reason and immediately after eating running in the dark to line up for unbelievable shopping deals, its really a magical time no matter how ridiculous I may be putting it. Yes Ladies and gentlemen, and specifically the people of Chicago, I am talking about Thanksgiving, and if your celebrate the day traditionally, make sure your bird doesn't have the head of Kramer from Seinfeld, and if you don't celebrate it traditionally, have White Castle on Harlem Avenue in the car like I do.

          This Black Friday even sounds stupid to me this years, take JCPenney for instance, they open at 3pm, in the afternoon, the sun hasn't even set yet, I want to stand in line at 3 in the morning, not 3 in the afternoon, what fun is that, it just feels like regular shopping, no special Holiday "stand out in the dark for a 10 dollar toaster" kind of feeling, no "go to the mall with friends before dinner" kind of feeling. Either way, it makes it easier for shoppers, tougher for employee's that work the Black Friday army of eager, turkey drugged shoppers.

          I am a traditionalist, a ridiculous traditionalist, and I want to stand in line a 4 in the morning, not in the afternoon, shop, and go home before Wheel of Fortune starts, but that's just me.

          Maybe next years, stores like Kmart that are open at 6am Thanksgiving Day and close Saturday, will learn not to do that again.

I hope everyone enjoys there Thanksgiving Day with family, friends and love, spend these moments together and prepare to kick ass at Penney's to grad as many 10 dollar gift cards as possible, I just might see you there.

Thanks you for us at TTTM to you!

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