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Friday, May 15, 2015

FLASHBACK: Fast Times at the Lechmere in Charlotte, North Carolina


          There was a time when a chain from New England sold electronics and appliances at fare prices and put smiles on patriot faces, they were called Lechmere, and there was a store in Charlotte, North Carolina that changed some peoples lives, and like High school, leaves memories to cherish and to never be forgotten by the people who experienced some of the best times of there lives.

          Before Montgomery Ward closed to remaining 27 stores in November 1997, there was about 20 in the New England area, 2 of which were in Massachusetts, and somehow one made it to the Charlotte area. Here are many memories the employees spent with each other over the years before the store closed, and later became Best Buy.

          It is nice to see stores like this, or at least pictures, because now everyone is taking pictures of stores like this because social media is so strong, its only natural to document this happening, as any other public event, or social concern. Either you find pictures of stores from now, or forty years ago, but there has to be more pictures from the late 90's to the early 00's that depict what stores were like and the merchandise they sold.

This has now been reduced to one shelf of mixed media in the back of some supercenters.

Great times at Lechmere

Remember when appliances were yellow, cream, and white colored.

All online now

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  1. All of the above pictures, with the exception of the exterior of the store, are mine. I emailed them to my friend Mike at Dead and Dying Retail. I used to work at the Charlotte store. It would have been nice, if you were going to lift and repost my pictures, for you to blur my name. Be a little bit decent!

    1. Is Mike your personal friend, I am friends with him as well. Besides, I understand that this is a privacy issue, and I am sorry. I should have blurred the information depicted in the pictures above.

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