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Saturday, May 23, 2015

What was this so called "fascination" like back in 1997?

A certain editor on are staff is his birthday today and this is just a glimpse of all that was high and mighty when he entered the world that leads his to write for us today and why he has such a strong passion for this industry.

The primary source of information known as the internet was booming with aspiring writers and bloggers putting up sites through AOL and various dial up programs. Google was not created for several more months, in September 1998.

Because TTTM is Chicago based, we have to always mention something going on in the Windy City and the Bulls sure were pulling there weight to there 5th championship of the 90's in 1997.

White Hen Pantry's and Dominick's everywhere stocked gallons of this Mountain Dew competitor know as Surge, great to wash down the taste of Crispy M&M's.

The department store of choice, Marshall Fields & Company, at the Woodfield Mall.

There is the Pepsi generation, and the Mr. Pibb next generation, as this pretty much sums up the advertising means of soda's in the late 90's.

Kmart was still the nations greatest combination of grocery, clothing, and general housewares all in one store.

We do not usually talk about the automotive industry, but in this case, we have to realize, these cars were the choice vehicle to drop mom off at the mall, while dad went to work. The next generation of Oldsmobile will be coming to a close in 2004, but until then, lets enjoy the Eighty-Eight, Bravada, Silhouette, and Alero, and Aurora.

The financial was not ready for the biggest hit to the nations economy in the middle 00's like Enron, the natural gas and power conglomerate raising stock prices off its own shareholders, but the markets were booming.

How did anyone get around without one of these Sprint, Motorola, or Ameritech pagers buzzing there belts off at all hours of the day.

Happy Birthday JB.

Thank you for reading



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