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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sportmart: The Original Chicago-land Sporting Goods Store

Just another interesting chain of stores I was fortunate enough to grow up with, before being bought by national retailer Sports Authority around 2006?, the year is unsure, although I know they had to be hear up until 2004 at least. This is much like what Dicks Sporting Goods did to Galyan's when they took over seven stores in March 2005 because they wanted to expand to the Chicago market. 

The first Sportmart opened in Niles, Illinois and grew to 60 stores in nine states.

Sports Authority is responsible to taking over many sporting goods chains over the years like Oshman's, Gart's Sports, Sportcastle, and Copeland's Sports.
Here are some commercials from the late 80's and early 90's, it's nice to see the store locations listed at the end, because now all those stores are converted to Sport's Authority or closed.

Downtown Chicago flagship located at 620 North LaSalle Drive 60654

Former Sportmart in Orland Park, Il and has since been converted to Sports Authority and HHGregg.

Promotional item

Downtown Chicago

Unknown location

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