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Friday, April 8, 2016

[(BEFORE CHINA)...There Was Ronco]-Brought to You by The Museum of Classic Chicago Television

          Ronco is an American company that manufactures and sells small appliances and gadgets founded by Ronald M. "Ron" Popeil in Chicago, Illinois in 1964. At the peak of his creation and sales, "By Ronco" products cluttered household counter top's across the country, hence the title of the article "Before China". While scrolling through one of the most inspirational YouTube sources for old television content, I though I should combine all the old Ronco commercial's together in one great article, organized by year.

          What I really love about each of these commercial's, is at the end, they tell you where the product can be purchased, which now, all the chains mentioned are either defunct, bought out, or most importantly for the blog, local..yes, chains that sprawled Chicagoland shopping centers in there heyday, like Community, Dominick's, Turn-Style, Goldblatt's, and my favorite...Montgomery Ward.

Here are the of Mr. Popeil's inventions, I really need the Record Vacuum in my collection of old electronic's!

The Record Vacuum-1977

The Egg Scrambler-1978

The Record Vacuum-1978

Mr. Microphone-1978

Miracle Broom-1978

Boogie Nights-1978

The Ice Cream Machine-1978

The Pottery Wheel-1978

The Rhinestone & Stud Setter-1978

Disco Fever-1978

Glass Froster-1978

Mr. Microphone-1981

Battery Tester-1982

Mr. Dentist-1982

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