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Thursday, April 28, 2016

St. Louis Outlet Mall [( St. Louis Mills)- Revisited]- Hazelwood, Missouri

          This time the sun it still out, since the last time I visited the St. Louis Outlet Mall, it was minutes from closing for the night, so I only got shots of the inside. That was in March 2014, I like to visited the city of St. Louis every spring, last year was the acception because of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, it seemed too dangerous to travel to the gateway city, so I had alternate plans for that spring. It has been a while since the first time I was here, and scrolling through the first post of the mall from March 2014, several stores have since closed, making the old St. Louis Mills almost 90% vacant, a bath store employee put it, "we are over 90% vacant, when a store's lease runs out, they leave instead of renewing", that pretty much is self explanatory.

          Here is my original post from a year ago featuring pictures I took of only the inside of the mall in March 2014, since then, notable stores like Old Navy and Carters have left the mall.

Old Navy has since closed.

It is so pretty in this wing, it is a shame that this might soon be closed to the public.

Old Nascar Speedpark go-cart track to the right.

Food Court.

The outside of the mall is what I missed the first time around, so here are the anchor stores.

          What I need to go see next is the Cincinnati Mills (Forest Fair Village) Mall outside Cincinnati, Ohio. It is an old Mills mall built in the early 90's that makes the old St. Louis Mills look 70%est. occupied because as Dan Bell put it, the mall is nearly 2 million square feet of vacant space, but you can still walk around in it. Expect that mall to be featured real soon.

Here is my post featuring pictures from March 2014, there is an arguable difference in stores from two years ago to now.

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