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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Stores That are the Future of Unoccupied Space

I          In recent years, two chains have strongly attracted my attention into up and coming markets and high-end shopping centers around the east coast. Since 2013, the Japanese chain Uniqlo has been popping up in New England cities like Boston, opening stores in New York and Long Island, in Philadelphia, and most recently Chicago.

          Decades of an oppressive, limited supply of options for middle America to look good and stylize are over and Uniqlo and Ireland-based Primark. The reseaoning behind the title of this article, "The Stores That are the Future of Unoccupied Space", is simple to delineate. An example being King of Prussia mall outside Philadelphia, the Sears store had downsized to half its original size to cut company costs and share the space with Dick's Sporting Goods, then Sears closed and entering marker Primark opened a store in the Sears former space.

          New markets are taking space away from otherwise outdated and customer declining chains like Sears and JCPenney, who are in actuality, just giving there leases and property away for malls to transform and bring back the customers they lost that once were excited to shop there.

          I relate these chains to upscale and wealth driven shopping malls because they occupy space in Garden State Plaza, and King of Prussia mall, some of the most profitable and prepossessing malls on the Eastcoast.

          Walking into such stores like this, Superdry, or Patagonia, are like miniature Nordstrom, as in catering to such specific tastes and styles, no one walks into a Nordstrom without being pleases, and based on that logic, most malls that have Uniqlo or Primark share the floor plan with Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus.

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