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Thursday, April 21, 2016

St. Louis Union Station- Downtown STL

          Some of you may have known I was in St. Louis, Missouri last week for leisure and decided once and for all, to take a stop at the Union Station downtown. In the 1800's and turn of the century, this, like many cities, the destination, trains were the primary way to travel, the Union Station, were friends met under the clock! Well, several decades later, when the massive space was transformed into a Hotel, business center, and shopping mall, definitely turned a difference generations heads. Although a long time coming, finally going to STL Union Station was a time I won't soon forget.

          Between the architecture, being downtown, seeing the arch down the street, the highway, all the train car, the dead mall space, make for this urbanophile a grand time.

These are the pictures I collected dated April 2016:

Peering behind closed glass doors.

Found a way to the second floor after wondering hotel halls. The old  Cardinal store is the only identifiable storefront, and everything else was pretty mundane

This must have been amazing when it was in operation!

Zooming in was the only was to see just how distant one side of the building was to the other, of course it looks HUGE from the outside, but the mall was condensed down to only the two floors seen here.

It appears to be in the stages of opening to the eye of an amateur, but for a pro mall hunter, I know when I see an outdated center, covered in dark red tile, brass, and real plants, makes for the perfect 90's utopia, all its missing is a Contempo Casual.

Central park of the station

Arch is the way distance along Market Street.

Now brings us to the outside of the center, so much pipe, and wire, is breath taking to be here in person, these photo's don't do this design justice!

It needs the McBarge sitting in the water.

Crazy amount of koi fish

Saturation filter...

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