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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Belvidere Mall- Waukegan, Illinois- A Time I Could Relate

          Its a beautiful, sunny afternoon, in June 1999. Pack into the car to take a quick drive along RT.53 and Lake Cook Road to the Tri-State, and RT.21. Lakehurst Mall doesn't look like it will make too much longer, as no stores lined the halls, only Carson Pirie Scott is doing well. Continuing down RT.120, on the right is Belvidere Discount Mall, connected to Builder's Square and a series of independent retailers.

          Of course this a tale I spun as a result of my mawkish obsession with these photos of a cloudless day where Builder Square and a strikingly new Pontiac Bonneville are all in the same shots, I am still young, but old enough to say this had to be the last greatest time in history to be an American consumer.

Here is my original covering of Belvidere Mall in August 2013.

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