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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Charlestowne Mall; Now The Quad St. Charles?- This Isn't Happening.

          Its simple, this plan is a figment of the land owners imagination, this is not going to happen. Even if the money is put together, and if renovations had already started, Kohl's would not have made a decision, out of many terrible locations in Chicagoland, to close this one, because it was too late, the company rather keep a store in a dangerous area open, and close the store in quite, humble St. Charles, because there are no shoppers, to brake that down, Kohl's would not be leaving if they knew the mall would be revitalized, but they were promised that 4 years ago, and have still seen nothing, they held on for as long as they could, and they will close this June.

The Quad St. Charles still looks very Charlestowne Mall to me, because it is still empty, dark,  and smells of mildew 

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