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Monday, April 18, 2016

The Sport Chalet Closing All Stores!- No Chain Is Safe Anymore!

Company website

          To come at a complete surprise, during a routine search of retail news read "Sport Chalet Closing All Stores", meant no chain is safe anymore. For those that are not familiar, Sport Chalet is a sporting goods chain known primarily in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Competing mostly with Big 5 and Sports Authority, now competes mostly in liquidation sales.

The Store locator map available on the website.

          With Sports Authority cutting almost half there stores in the coming months, and Sports Chalet closing up entirely by summer proves that online has won the battle of sales, and this also proves the fate of many other chains that seem fine now to consumers, but like a mental illness, are self destructive from the inside out, this came to a complete surprise to employees and shoppers alike, who will be next?

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