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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday 2014!

Well, it's that time of year, to paraphrase Clark Griswold, "theirs a nip in the air, and assholes tenting outside major retail chains days before they open to get what they believe is the best deal!".

Black Friday has become more of a holiday than Thanksgiving, although family gets together, the strategy is to eat then the real tradition starts by mapping out a journey around the mall and shopping center to find everything they need for the pending year for ridiculously low prices.

This is the kick off of the biggest shopping season of the year and is the only time every store and mall is packed with people and families eager to shop, it kind of brings you back to a time when that was typical, yell, even Kmart has every register open for this joyous occasion.

Each year the stores are open later, malls in New Jersey threaten stores with fines if they refuse to open thanksgiving or midnight and Sears threatened employees that if they don't work, they would be fired.
South Park
When the stores are open earlier, it alleviates trouble and fighting because most of the people are atleast half awake and aware of what they are doing rather than being up all day with the family, cooking, and driving, that sounds stressful enough without the worries of standing outside at 2 in the morning waiting to by a sweater for 50 cents.

South Park
Black Friday has turned into its own holiday and is celebrated as such, but unlike Christmas, it strictly about receiving, and not giving, because in a month, its the other way around, giving what was received, and taking was is given.

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