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Friday, June 26, 2015

Lansing Mall- (Lansing, Michigan)

          Being the capital of the state of Michigan, home of the Oldsmobile, education at Michigan State, the city of Lansing has a lot more to offer than meets the eye, since 2004, Oldsmobile production came to an end, and the job market to a hit because most jobs were in the plants and factories, but have bounced back with Lansing now being the production capital of the Cadillac CTS. The city of Lansing lives and breaths Oldsmobile, the REOlds Museum is downtown, REOlds chapter holds the annual Oldsmobile Homecoming each year in the suburb of Dimondale, and Ann Arbor's little brother is on the other side of downtown, in East Lansing, home of the Spartan's.

          There are a lot of people that call Lansing, Michigan there home, families that grow up in the area, businesses started here, and all the students that attend Michigan state, although,all these people need a place to shop and socialize, there are two malls in enclosed malls in Lansing, Lansing Mall, which is covered here, and Meridian Mall, in East Lansing, or Okemos, Michigan, and the Eastwood Towne center, an outdoor pavilion.

          The Lansing Mall is actually located in Delta Charter Township, suburb centered outside of downtown, the mall opened in July 1969 will original anchor stores Montgomery Ward, Detroit-based Federal's, and local chain Wurzburg's, based in Grand Rapids. Federal's later closed in 1972, and Wurzburg's was converted to Knapp's, a Lansing chain of department stores.

          JCPenney later took over the Knapp's store, and the former Federal's store was briefly a Robert Hall Village clothing store, this lasted until the department store chain Hudson's came in with an extension remodel of the mall's west side. In 1987, the north wing of the mall was added with a Mervyns and food court.

          In 1997, the mall was purchased by GGP, and was renovated heavily, including an expansion of the food court, and new stores such as Old Navy and Barnes & Noble were added come the millennium. In May 2001, the Montgomery Ward, the last original anchor store, closed resulting in the chains bankruptcy. Later the same year, Hudson's converted to Marshall Field's.

          The east section of the mall remained vacant until 2002, when Younker's opened it's first store in the area in the former Wards store. Dunham Sports was added next to the Old Navy store in 2004.

          Marshall Field's was one of the several nameplates owned by Federated and May Co. department store companies, as Macy's bough in 2003, by 2006, all regional and local department store chains owned by either one were converted to Macy's, including the Lansing Mall location.

          Steve & Barry's opened in the former Mervyn's store in 2007, only lasting a year before the entire chain closed up, space was occupied by TJ Maxx in 2009, as Old Navy closed the same year. In 2013, a new cinema was proposed to take up the former Mervyn's/ Steve & Barry's store, which opened in July 2014. 

Here are pictures of the mall taken in June 2015, the same day as the Oldsmobile Homecoming:

Former Hudson's/ Marshall Field's, now Macy's

Former Mervyn's/ Steve & Barry's, now a 12-screen cinema

Former Wurzburg's/ Knapp's, currently JCPenney

Former Montgomery Ward, currently Younker's

Love the Florida look of the palm trees in the center court.

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