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Friday, May 30, 2014

Get Your Mall On

Oh, another year of school has ended, and summer break has began, a time of frolic and laughter, and traveling and shopping and exploring many more malls in this country.

As my loyal readers might know, I don't have many loyal readers, this blog just started and has big plans to become one of the well known mall and shopping blogs on the world wide web of computers. I have mentioned that many of my archives are being searched and sorted to write hundreds of articles on malls and shopping centers I have been to in the past.

Last year, I went to 102 new mall... new to me...some dated back to 1952, when the mall was born.

I have great hopes for what the summer will break, more new and re welcoming states and cities where malls play a pivotal role in how people shop and explore retail atmospheres.
Some states include:

Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Minnesota.

There are not any promises, I will do my best with standing up to my word, and hopefully going to some key shopping destinations of the northwest, northeast, and mid-south.

As will I, I encourage all you out there to get your mall on and take a trip to one or a even a few great malls and states this summer, create new stories and memories with your families as do I

Lets make 2014 the year of the mall!

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