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Monday, December 22, 2014

Lincoln Mall- (Freeport, IL)

Lincoln Mall, located in Freeport, IL, is by pure definition a rural mall that is on its last leg. Way upstate Illinois, nearing the corning of the Iowa and Wisconsin border sits the town of Freeport in Stephenson county, where a mall with one or two anchor stores would do well, and thus it did.

What I have read is the original anchor stores where a JCPenney, Eagle Market in the mall lot, and Menards Home Store. The JCPenney relocated to The Meadows shopping center, the Kmart was, up until January 2013. Menards built a far larger store along route 26, next to Wal-mart.

Here are the only pictures I got from January 2013:

Former KFC/ Marathon Gas/ Eagle Market Sign



I would greatly appreciate any input on the malls past, any pictures or stories, and thoughts on the malls future.

Feel free to comment and post below.

Thank you for reading.



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  2. The menards used to be originally sears, but closed in the 80's due to the cherryvale mall sears.

  3. The little attachment on the side of the old menards/ sears was the autocenter. Though I forget what the store next to the mall was, next to dollar general, seperate from the mall.