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Monday, December 22, 2014

Addison Mall- (Chicago, IL)

Although it is considered Chicago, the mall is really in Forest Park, IL. Addison Mall is just the name of the street, changed when most of the most was demolished. The mall is located on Roosevelt Road and located directly 10 minutes from downtown. Forest Park Mall opened in 1983 and anchored by a Venture Department Store and Home Improvement  store on the other side. Child World Children's Store opened later with many smaller stores filling the mall space.

The mall received minor updates in the late 80's going into the 90's, Venture eventually closed off there mall entrance and in 1998, closed when the chain went bankrupt. 

Later, most of the mall was turn down when Target bought property and built a two-story store, where I only think Montgomery Ward once was, but not really sure.

Here are pictures taken December 2012 and August 2013:

There is much more to be said about this place, what else was here and when.

If anyone has any stories or pictures, feel free to post and comment below.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I don't see any pics of the forest park mall on Addison . These are all in fact pics of the Addison mall on Addison and Sacramento ... Correct ?
    More interestingly , thanks to these awesome pics, you can clearly see the outline of the long gone kids r us ( now painted red). I will send you a pic ! These are really great pics .
    I think dappers is the only business that has been there since Montgomery ward first opened .

  2. This is a ll really good to know,, you really know how to research these fine details.