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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tandy Corp. Incredible Universe, Now Fry's in Fishers, Indiana

          Let me introduce you one of the most 90's stores I have ever learned existed, It's called Incredible Universe and it was owned by Tandy Corporation, the same owners of Radio Shack, among other failed electronic store chains over the last 30 years.

          The chain was founded in 1992 and defunct in 1997, but for those 5 short years, so much was left behind from the chain that was otherwise, out of this world.

          In 1992, two stores opened, one in Texas, and one in Oregon, and Tandy quickly jumped to open 15 more stores!, as the chain proved profitable. The chains lasted about as quickly as it started, as of a total of 17 stores, 15 were sold to Fry's in 1996, and the other two remaining properties were sold to various buyers, and otherwise demolished, like the location in Mill Run, Columbus, Ohio.

3900 Venture Point Drive, Duluth, Georgia 30096

That unmistakable, large rotunda that each store was recognized for with music acts and demonstrations of new products watched from the store front.

Here is the store in Fishers, Indiana.

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