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Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Glorious Style of Builder Square

          First off, I love Builder Square, maybe because of cars, and Tim Allen, and the perfect 90's family, this store seems to fit in so nicely to each and everyone of those points. Builder Square was the chain best known for there square deal prices, owned by Kmart for a short time, then bought by The Home Depot before the millennium.

To us, Chicago was home to 16 locations in featured great collectible's during the 1994 Chicago cubs season as pins were always past out at many games.

The most common looking stores, as featured in the commercial's.

Here is a FIND: post of a lot of Builder Square memorabilia... I bought the hat after seeing it was still for sale.

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1 comment:

  1. I worked at the one in Schaumburg, I had about 25 builders square tape measures at one time. I gave some away, others broke and some were lost in moves or sold with cars over the years. Now I have only 2 and they are my go to tape measures. I wish I still had my hats and aprons, I bet I still have a name tag somewhere.