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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Deerbrook Mall: 7/17 Update.

     The Deerbrook Mall in Deefield, Illinois has seen a lot of change over the last several years, from demalling to demolition to repurpose. Since the last update, all of what was the mall has been demolished leaving a gap between the former Great Indoors store, and the former Sports Authority. The old Jewel-Osco was demolished for a new store, which is very close to opening. The corner of the old store in still near Lake Cook road.

All of the mall has been demolished, making way for what the people claim to become a Sam's Club.

The brand new Jewel-Osco store is very close to opening, a few more weeks before an update on that.

Here is my FLASHBACK: post of the Deerbrook featuring photos from Labelscar.
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