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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sears Downsizing Oakbrook Center Location With Remodeling Sale.

     The Oakbrook Center mall, in suburban Oakbrook, Illinois is a very large outdoor mall with several anchors and restaurants. Sears is a veteran anchor store as it has been open since the mall opened in the early 60's. Skip several decades and stop at 2017, where Sears as decided to still continue to operate the store, just make it smaller? Sears has began a "remodeling sale" which looks no different than a liquidating sale and plans to close the store in early September and remain closed while there extensively remodel and downsize the store to a third its current size and reopen within a year. How Sears has described the stores future., according to the Chicago Tribune, the store will carry about 30% of its current inventory, including lawn and garden, sporting goods, and appliances. Sounds like the store will just be converted to a hometown format. So the ground level and second level will be occupied by a new tenant and Sears will reopen in 2018 on the third level only near AMC.

     In March 2018, the Sears auto center will close permanently and the ground level and second floor or Sears will be converted to a children's entertainment business called KidZania. KidZania is a place set up with miniature buildings and businesses where kids can pretend they have jobs. This will be one of two in the US out of 24 worldwide, and expected to open in Oakbrook by 2019.

I like this shot, just seems so cluttered and all the red and yellow.

     Here is a sign I never seen before, Sears calling it a remodeling sale. Remodeling or liquidating is the same to Eddie Lambert because if the store was just remodeling, which it wouldn't have to because its Oakbrook Center, the store is very clean and beautiful. Marking down the entire stores merchandise doesn't make sense, just ship what will not be sold at this store somewhere else. That's just it, Sears doesn't want to hold onto the merchandise, there just getting rid of it at what ever lost it is to them and there suppliers. There suppliers are not being paid anyways, which is why I find closed mall stores like Delia's and Deb and the Sports Authority merchandise at Kmart, Sears at this point is buying close out crap from a warehouse now like Odd Lots did in the 90's.

Coming down the escalator. Seemed very busy, although it was a Sunday, no Sears anywhere is used to this many customers.

The very large auto center that will permanently close in a few months.

Thought a shot of the store at this angle capturing our countries flag over the Sears logo symbolizes where America used to shop. There still shopping here, only because they think there saving money with the "remodeling sale".

A car driving around the parking lot with the sign advertising the big sale. Sears Holdings has no idea what there companies image is as they always use the incorrect logo on all there liquidating signs.

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