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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wheres Waldo?...or Wards.

     A recent discovery than can be seen from space... or a few hundred feet on Google maps. A former Montgomery Ward store in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania has recently become a U-Haul truck center, so the Wards signs on the building are covered up. But the catch is a sign that was attached to the front of the building got detached from the weather or age of the screws as it fell off and landed face up on the awning. Seen below is the Wards sign and I viewed closer to the old store from aerial view, and the Wards sign becomes very clear. Also there are several screen shots of the store from street view.

Hard to see...

Coming into contrast...


Here is the old store from the street, Google street view was from August 2016, a U-Haul truck center has since taken over the former Wards and covered all the signs up.

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