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Monday, August 14, 2017

Sears Oakbrook Center Update: 8/17

     On my last visit to the "remodeling" Sears at Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook, IL, the store is holding a "remodeling" sale, which looks like a store closing sale to me, but only time will tell. Since then, the store has covered all the exterior signs with large banners advertising the store is indeed closing, and because of the remodel, they will reopen in summer 2018. I just cannot understand that  the store truly is remodeling, which there not, they are secretly closing for good right in front of us. Hypothetically speaking, when a store chooses to remodel, they do not liquidate there entire inventory...I have never heard of that once in my life, and my father that was a retail manager for 24 years agrees this is a blatant lie to the customers. I am sure mall management is in favor of Sears closing, because like many malls, the space will be leased out to more popular and more profitable chains.

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