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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Woodfield Mall: The Best Mall in Illinois- Construction Update

I said it before and I will come to say it again, Woodfield Mall is the best mall in the state of Illinois, and I can back myself up with also saying that the majority of the country thinks the same when Woodfield places in the top 10 best malls in America and is also one of the largest, placing 10th at over 2.2 million square feet and growing.

Over the last several months, there have been many changes going on, with the construction of a Namco- themed restaurant/ Pac-Man Arcade opening in part of the current Sears store, the Sears receiving new signage throughout the store, and all the old bricks and carpet and foliage is being torn up and will be replaced by new sleek and shiny white and neutral colored tiles to keep up with the trend of modern shopping centers.

This is an updated post to show the progress of the construction that is taking place around the anchor wings and center court.

Here is the link to my original article on the Woodfield Mall, it is a great way to compare older pictures to what is seen here, as most of them were taken back in late 2012, and some of 2013.

The Plan:
(Courtesy: Simon Property Group)

(Courtesy: Simon Property Group)

(Courtesy: Simon Property Group)
Sears and Level 257:

November 2014:

January 2015:
The Sears store went from brown to black-

February 2015:
Its show time-

The outside of the mall:

Sears Comparison:
November 2014-

February 2015:

The center courts and seating area is being torn up, and has since been removed, as the sequence of pictures below can show the changes.

The locally famous statue in front of Sears has been removed as the rest of the art pieces

If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to post below.

Thank you for reading.

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