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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mall St. Matthews- (Louisville, KY)

Welcome to Louisville, home of KFC and the Louisville Slugger, where the Grass is blue and the Mall St. Matthews is the best shopping center in the city. The malls current anchor stores Dillard's Men & Home, Dillard's Women & Children, JCPenney, Forever 21, and a Cinemark movie theater plus 130 inline which makes for over 1 million square feet of shopping possibilities.

Mall St. Matthews, originally called "The Mall" opened in 1968, and later changed names to resemble its location, the suburb of St. Matthews, Kentucky. Original mall anchor stores include A&P, Kaufman-Straus, and Rose's. JCPenney was later added in the late 60s.

The mall had many features for children to play with and water features that made it very inviting to shop. The Roses became a food court years later and remodeled and expanded in the early 1990s. A wing exclusively dedicated to The Limited brands was added and expanded the former Kaufman-Straus store to be divided into a Stewarts Dry Goods and L.S. Aryes.

Bacon's Department Store was added after moving from its free standing location, and the mall was expanded again in 1995 and a new Dillard's store opened, and in 1997, a new Lord & Taylor followed. In 1998, the Bacon's chain was acquired by Dillard's, and became a Men & Home only store.

Nordstrom was added to the malls plan, but withdrew in 2001 before building the store. Lord & Taylor closed in 2004, and some of the store was taken by Dawahare's until early 2007 when they closed there stores and Dillard's took the spot and opened a Women & Children's store.

Forever 21 opened in the former Bacon's/ Dillard's store in February 2012.

The mall is closely related to the Oxmoor Center across the Watterson Expressway, being owned by GGP, the same owners of Mall St. Matthews.

Here are pictures of the mall from August 2014:

If anyone has any questions or can correct any history stated, feel free to post and comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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