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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Glendale Town Center- (Indianapolis, IN)

Glendale Town Center never started out at what it looks like today, in actuality, it started as man traditional malls did in the 1950s with many anchor stores and an enclosed portion filled with smaller specialty stores and eateries. Now the center has anchor stores Macy's, which is the only original part of the mall, other than that, there is Target and Lowe's, along with many smaller stores and restauants around the parking lot.

The mall originally opened in 1958 an an open- air shopping center and boasted an impressive selection of stores as being the premier shopping destination at the time in Indianapolis. 

Stores that opened first at the mall would be William H. Block and G.C. Murphy, later Lazarus was added, and L.S. Aryes converted to Macy's. Other stores included Old Navy and Stein Mart, the mall was enclosed for decades before being demolished in March 2007 and returned to being an open-air center in early 2008.

Here are a few pictures of the center seen while driving by on Keystone Parkway in November 2014;

If anyone has any questions or comments, or knows more on the history of the Glendale Town Center, feel free to post and comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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