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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alton Square Mall- (Alton, IL)

Alton Square Mall is a mall in the upper region of Illinois metro east, in the suburb of Alton, IL, a half hour from Downtown St. Louis. The malls current anchor stores is JCPenney and Macy's.

Alton Square opened sometime in the late 1970s with Famous- Barr and JCPenney as original anchor stores. The Sears was added sometime in the 90s, prominently when the malls store count began to decline. Famous- Barr was converted to Macy's in 2006 and Sears closed in 2012.

The mall is very nice, quiet, and serves the areas or Granite City, Alton, Godfrey, and Wood River, IL, and is minutes from the Missouri border.

Here are pictures of the mall from March 2014:

Former Famous-Barr

Former Sears Store, was a furniture store, now closed

If anyone has any questions, or comments, feel free to post below.

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  1. ***Update: 7/18/2015- There is now a Ross Dress for Less store in the mall, but I do not know where, so if anyone can see, or get pictures, feel free to post in the comments.

  2. A very interesting mall, I wonder if it has ever truly been busy. With the larger St. Clair Square 30 miles to the South and the large (former) Jamestown Mall just across the river in Florissant... Maybe if Alton Square wasn't built the Jamestown Mall would have survived?

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