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Friday, January 2, 2015

Water Tower Place- (Chicago, IL)

In the city of Chicago, there are many great places to shop along State Street and Michigan Avenue, also considered to fabulous Mag Mile, one is particular is the Water Tower Place. This is a large, urban, mixed use development, over 750,000 square feet is the multi-story shopping center and a 74 story office building.

Water Tower Place was originally conceived in the late 60s by the former shopping center development division of Marshall Field's, Mafco Company. The skyscraper portion was built in 1975 and was praised on its architectural features.

The building is filled with an award winning Ritz-Carlton, luxury condominiums, and office space towering over the shopping center anchored by an eight-story Macy's, formerly to Chicago shopping favorite, Marshall Field's.

The mall has dozens of stores in it, and instead of a food court, restaurants are scattered among the many stores and shops. There is a flagship American Girl store in the former Lord & Taylor store, which closed in March 2007.

This is one of the first vertical malls in the world.

Here are pictures of the center from September 2013:


The "8th" Floor of Marshall Field's

The famous Chicago Water Tower, the one of the only building to remain intact after The Great Chicago Fire in 1871.

The now closed Filene's Basement that I believe Japanese clothing specialist, UNIQLO, is going to open a store at in late 2015, but I might be mistaking.

If anyone has any comments or questions, feel free to post below.

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