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Monday, January 5, 2015

Eclipse Center- (Beloit, WI)

The Eclipse Center, formerly known as the Beloit Mall, is now a mixed use development with one original anchor store, Elder- Beerman, and what is a multi purpose activities center, church, and a library. This center is in Beloit, WI, a few miles from the Illinois border and off Interstate 90.

The mall opened in 1966 with a Sears store, JCPenney, Charles V. Weise, which was owned by Bergner's, then formed Bergner-Weise, Kohl's Foods, Woolworth's, and Walgreens.

There was also a variety of inline stores.

The development of I-90 would doom the center because this made it easy for shoppers to easily commute to Rockford, or Madison, WI for more vast shopping opportunities.

The center was enclosed in the 1980's and received the last major remodeling before becoming Eclipse Center.

Bergner's closed there mall store in 1991, and was replaced with Elder-Beerman in 1993. Again, in 1993 and 1994, the Kohl's Food Store and Woolworths closed.

Sears closed there mall store in 1997 and JCPenney also closed a year later.

The mall itself closed in 2000 and was redeveloped and repurposed into what people know it as today, the Eclipse Center.

Here are pictures of the center from January 2014;

Former Kohl's food store with iconic arch facade 
If anyone has any questions about the mall or what it is, the history, or pictures of there own, feel free to post and comment below.

Thank you for reading.

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