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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Times Square Mall- (Mount Vernon, IL)

Telling by the name, you might think New York, but in actuality, Times Square Mall is in Mt. Vernon, IL, around four hours from Chicago, your closer to Memphis, TN and is on Route 15 and Interstate 57.

The malls current anchor stores are JCPenney, Hobby Lobby, Ross Dress For Less, Big Lots, Dunham's Sports, and Peebles.

The mall looked like at the time it opened, an original anchor store was Kmart before it relocated down the street.

Sears announced it would close the mall store in late 2013.

In November 2013, it was announced that the mall would receive a 12 million dollar renovation that included the former Sears store being divided into Hobby Lobby and Ross.

Here are pictures of the mall from August 2013:

Now closed

Former Kmart building?

The Sears as it was closing:

 If anyone knows more about the history of the mall, feel free to post and comment below.

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  1. The original anchor where Sears was actually wasn't Kmart. Kmart has always been across the road. The original anchor was a Missouri-based company called Mohr Value. You probably have never heard of them because they were a very short-lived retailer. They only made it to 16 stores before selling out in 1977 or 1978 to a now-much larger company - Wal-Mart. This store spent about 15 years as a Wal-Mart with a mall entry (the men's section was divided with cash registers). It was an interesting building.

  2. Nice to know about the chain, don't hear about Wal-Mart buying other chains out, but it was nearly 40 years ago. It just looked like an old Kmart based on the pillars of one of those old 60's looking stores.

  3. TSM was opened in the fall of 1974. on the west end was Mohr Value, in the middle was JC Penney, and on the east end was Mammoth Department store. East of Mammoth, with no entrance to the mall, was Supervalue Grocery Store. Other stores were Hills Brothers Shoes (later called Payless), B Dalton Bookseller, Hancock Fabrics, Byrd Watson Drug Store, A&W Kiosk, Mode-o-Day and Fashion Bug. There was also a two screen movie theatre.

    1. Very interesting to know there was a Mammoth Mart at this mall.

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