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Monday, June 9, 2014

Tippecanoe Mall-(Lafayette, IN)

Two hours outside Chicago and under an hour away from Indianapolis, Tippecanoe Mall is an enclosed shopping mall located in Lafayette, IN between Sagamore Pkwy and IN-25. The mall currently houses anchore stores such as:

Tippeacanoe Mall opened in 1974, but originally was planned to open in 1973  with Montgomery Ward and a Detroit-based Federal's department store. Federal department store ended up not opening the store and JCPenney to occupancy in the space.

William H. Block Co. was added as a third anchor to the mall.

In the spring of 1983, Montgomery Ward decided to close the mall store. Later in the year, a bad storm damaged parts of the Block's store and they temporarily moved its merchandise to the former Wards while the Block's was repaired.

In 1985, Kohl's opened a store where the original Montgomery Ward was.

In 1994, the mall announced upgrades and expansion with the opening of two new department stores, Sears and L.S.Aryes, that added a new wing to the mall.
Former L.S. Aryes; Now Macy's Department store.
Blocks department store became Lazarus in 1987 when Blocks was sold to Federated Department stores and the name was discontinued and most locations were renamed Lazarus.

Only 15 years later, in 2002, Lazarus closed its Tippecanoe Mall location and in 2004, the anchor store was demolished to make way for Dicks Sporting Goods and H.H.Gregg Electronics.

As I first went to this mall in June of 2012, The MC Sports was closed and H&M was coming soon, which later opened in the fall.

The old MC Sports labelscar is freshly visible.

Some photos of the interior of the mall in June 2012:

More recently I revisited the Mall to get shots of the exterior in December 2013 while headed to Indianapolis:

On a side note, there is an interest going around about hunting down old and vintage Toys R' Us and Kids R' Us stores, and their is a circa. late 70's early 80's location in Lafayette, IN at 2324 Sagamore South Pkwy:


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