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Monday, June 16, 2014

Marquette Mall- ( Michigan City, IN)

Located off the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, located 60 miles from Downtown Chicago, The Marquette Mall in Michigan City, IN is indeed a mall on life support. Although the interior of the mall in entirely empty other than one or two shops, the current anchors are:

The mall originally opened in 1967, the mall opened up with what it pretty much what it has today, the size of the mall and anchor stores have not changed in over 40 years. The interior of the mall on the other hand is where it gets bad, besides for the Applebee's and some independently owned shops, the mall is deserted.
From the last time, which was the first and only time I have been here, in 2012, the mall still seemed thriving, in terms of a mall in an industrial, lower working class town on a Sunday.

Here is how the mall looked in July 2012:

Other than an article on the Bath and Body Works closing, no real information on the history of the mall is on the internet, no Wikipedia page, or a website with current information on how the mall in currently doing.
Here is the link to homepage of the mall;

Across from the mall. the Dunes Plaza is another abandoned shopping plaza featuring the ruins of a Kmart that closed long ago and the scar of Hobby Lobby which took the store and also closed a while ago. There was some unrecognizable store fronts and a vintage cinama.

Since these pictures were taken, the plaza has been demolished for a Kohl's Department Store.
Here is the link to the news article:

Here are the pictures of the plaza:
Mall seen from Dunes Plaza

Office building centered in the Marquette Mall behind Carson Pirie Scott


  1. JCPenney announced it would close 40 stores, including to Marquette Mall location.

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