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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Northfield Square- (Bradley, IL)

Located an hour away from Downtown Chicago and minutes from Kankakee, Northfield Square Mall is located in Bradley, IL, outside of Bourbonnais; the mall to which serves the "tri-town" area. The malls current anchors are:

There are two Carson Pirie Scott stores, one is for women and the other is for men, children and home.

As well as a 10 screen movie theater:

Northfield Square Mall opened August 1, 1990 easily accessed from IL-50 and Larry Road, North of the I-57 N/S exit. The Mall is 530,325 square feet and original anchor stores included Sears, JCPenney, Carson Pirie Scott, and Venture. 

In 1990, the mall was not frequently visited, many people didn't know about and it was very scarce, nearly 40% vacant, but filled as the years went by. The first chain came to the mall in 1998, when Venture, a St. Louis-based department store chain, fell into bankruptcy and closed in the summer.

Shortly after, Carson Pirie Scott split it's store into two stores to fill the vacant Venture and created one store for woman and another store for men and children.
Former Venture Department Store

In the fall of 2012, Ruby Tuesday closed its doors in the mall.

Former Ruby Tuesday restaurant

Currently, the mall is about 15% vacant and still is in great shape, here area some pictures of the interior of the mall:

Another angle of the former Ruby Tuesday

Sears seemed to be closed extra early for a weekday?

Here is what the exterior of the mall looks like, in both daytime and nighttime light:
Ruby Tuesday is still opened in this picture

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