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Friday, June 20, 2014

North Park Mall- ( Villa Park, IL)

Located along RT-64 on the north side of Villa Park, IL, the Villa Park Mall definitely has some stories to tell. 

I can't really call them anchors, more like what is at the mall in the first place, which would only be:

The mall originally started out as a 340,000 square foot enclosed shopping center with Robert Hall Village clothing store, Dominicks Finer Foods, JCPenney, and whatever little stores that filled the interior of the mall halls.

Overtime, there have been many changed to the little shopping mall, yet there are not any notable articles on the center besides for other posts on mall websites and blogs along with comments from people who lived around the malls upcoming or grew up shopping here.

Here is how the stores went over the last 20 years or so:

  • Original anchors-Robert Hall, Dominick's, JCPenney.
  • Robert Hall closed and became Kmart, like Crystal Point Mall in Crystal Lake, IL.
  • Kmart closed in 2000 due to failing sales and became the main mall entrance to the swap market,
  • JCPenney closed March 2001 and became Ames Discount Department Store in November 2001 during the short re-entrance to Chicagoland.
  • Ames closed in 2002 after bankrucpty and the store became HOBO.
  • Sometime in the late 90's, Dominicks had to closed, and the Fruit Market opened before Staples came.
  • HOBO relocated to the former Robert Hall/Kmart store.
  • Staples office store opened in 2005 as well as Pet Supplies Plus.
Here are the other pictures of what the mall looks like, although its not tecniqually a mall anymore:

I have not gotten any of the inside, but will and update the post of the mall at a later date.

If anyone has anything else to say on the mall, or correct any of the information listed above, please feel free to comment below, and thanks for reading.

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