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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

East Towne Mall- (Madison, WI)

Located in the capital city, over an hour from Milwaukee, in the northeast side of Madison, WI lays East Towne Mall. Opening in October 1971, the malls current anchors are:

East Towne opened October 14, 1971, a year after its brother, West Towne, opened on the other side of town. The mall was the largest in the area, with anchor stores Sears, JCPenney, H.C. Prange Co.,which divided most of its store to Prange Way, and Gimbel's.

Original mall logo

Gimbel's became Boston Store in 1987 when Gimbel's went out of business in 1986.

Younker's bought out Prange's in 1992, thus opening in the former store.

In 2003, the malls theater closed and became a Steve & Barry's, which closed in December 2008 and became a local furniture chain, Steinhaufel's.

Many renovations and additions were added in the course of 2003 as well as a 26,000 square foot Barnes & Noble bookstore.

The original Gimbel's store store was demolished for a Dick's Sporting Goods store that opened in September 2004.

The mall now contains over 100 store, restaurants, and kiosk's to fit anyone's desires. 

Here is what the mall looked like in August 2012:

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