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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Update: The Orchards Mall In Benton Harbor, Michigan Is Still Open.

     As I headed toward Grand Rapids for the weekend, I decided to stop at The Orchards Mall in Benton Harbor, the first mall I ever went to in Michigan. I first visited this little mall along I-94 back in July 2012, photo's of that time can be seen here in my original post of the mall.

     I have been meaning to get more pictures of this mall as I did not get that many of the outside the first time around, but nothing changed about the outside compared to my first set of photo's. Some tenant's are there that weren't last time, as some that were there last time, are not there now.

     Here are the photo's I took last week featuring a more in depth depiction of how business at the mall is doing. It just began to flurry after leaving the mall, but getting caught in a white out at night was the highlight of the trip!

Former Sears

Former Burger Chef/ Hardee's still vacant.

The Scion billboard is still up, although the car brand is discontinued.

The food court is completely vacant.

There was a little soviet Trabant car on display, very cool piece added to the mall's decor. Now I have seen two of these in person in my life.

Common sight.

Former Sears.

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