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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sears Closing at Woodland Mall In Grand Rapids, Michigan.

     A major mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan will see major changes in the next few years as big plans are in store. Woodland mall located in Kentwood, Michigan is anchored by a Sears that is scheduled to close by late March. Property management form PREIT, which owns the store, plans on demolishing the 313,000 square foot building, and replacing it with a Von Maur and an expansion to the current wing to include 10 to 15 new stores, according to the article from mLive.

     This will be the first Von Maur in Western Michigan, as two other locations reside in Ann Arbor and Livonia, Michigan, outside Detroit. Construction of the Von Maur store is expected to start in 2018, the the expansion being complete and store opening in fall 2019.

Here is my original post of the mall featuring photo's from December 2014.

This is one big Sears store.

Vintage signage.

Pretty dark, of course is was closed for the evening before I got these photos.

I think this is a part of Sears, the key cutting shop.

I can't wait to check out the progress of the remodel and expansion next year, and how it comes out when its complete.

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