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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sears in Crystal Lake, Illinois Closing.

     First it was Kmart in 2014, now Sears is closing there Crystal Lake, Illinois location in March as the property was purchased for Mariano's (a supermarket that replaced Dominick's as Chicagolands second leading grocery chain behind Jewel-Osco). After the stores closing, demolition will follow close after as the plan is for Mariano's to open by 2018, according to this article by Northwest Herald.

     Sears has been here for a long time, I believe it has been a Sears since around 2000, as Montgomery Ward was located here. The front entrance just looks like one to me, I am not sure when the Wards store opened however.

Here are a few photos I took during a walk through earlier this month.

     Although it is sad that Sears is closing another store, I do look forward to going in Mariano's when that opens. I wonder how that will impact the business of Joseph's Market across the street, I guess we will see.

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