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Monday, January 23, 2017

Janesville Mall Update 1/17.

     It's nice to finally see how the renovations done to Janesville Mall have really changed the interior appearance, although I am a fan of the old interior, new carpet, flooring, and paint can really brighten up and renew an old place. 

Since the last time I was here, JCPenney was still open, although the closure was announced the weekend I went here, and the store closed around April.

Last year, Dick's Sporting goods and Ulta Beauty opened in former JCPenney as major interior renovations were also completed. 

Very nice to see a RadioShack still operates here, I guess some things never change.

I was here on Sunday, so by this time, the mall was ready to close for the night.

Former JCPenney.

Former JCPenney.

Had an advertisement for the roofing company, and the aerial view still shows JCPenney.

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