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Monday, May 9, 2016

Glimpse of Crestwood Court- Crestwood, Missouri

          A pitch black nigh sky and county police guarding the abandoned parking lot allowed to me get only one shot, one glimpse of the old Crestwood Court mall in Crestwood, Missouri.

          Although there are hundreds of pictures of the mall online , and dozens of videos on Youtube, why does it matter that I take my own pictures of the center? But only knowing what the old mall looked like just from what I seen through pictures, I can't begin to describe just how big, and amazing this center looked, even at night, what looks like a Lego brick on Google Maps, looked like a warehouse that goes for miles sitting in an ocean of parking lot. And seeing it in person, I will never forget, and by now, as I am writing this, if it remains true, the Crestwood Court mall is being demolished for future development.

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