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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Randall Park Mall (North Randall, Ohio) 2016 Update

          I can say its been a few years since I first saw the abandoned Randall Park Mall with my own eyes, situated just outside the city of Cleveland in North Randall, Ohio. The first time was much different than a few days ago, as in July 2014, the mall was still intact, the weather was scattered, and demolition was merely dubious.

          After demolition started with the old Higbee's/ Dillard's anchor in December 2014, construction crews inhabited the malls interior for several months deconstructing the electrical and structural aspects of the property before major demolition started throughout 2015 completely removing the interior of the mall, along with Burlington Coat Factory closing and I am assuming the Lasalle furniture store (the last remaining operating store) is leaving for a new location elsewhere.

          In early May 2016, a fire broke out at the old Magic Johnson Movie Theater as has been ruled arson by either squatter activity, or juvenile vandalism, that is at least what I believe, although the true culprit will remain anonymous until further investigation.

          As of June 2016, the entire malls interior was been demolished, leaving only the former anchor stores, excluding the former Higbee's/ Dillard's of course. The former JCPenney is still  the Powersport Institute and Lasalle will be closing shortly.

Here are the retro clips I featured in my original post that feature the malls opening, some great inside shots, and preliminary planning of the malls construction in the the 70's.

Former JCPenney.

All of the malls interior is now gone.

The sign is still up, although the other side is missing.

Former May Co./ Macy's

Former Sears.

Former Horne's/ Burlington Coat Factory/ Lasalle's

Former Magic Johnson Theater.

Former Holiday Inn/ Days Inn, very abandoned and spooky.

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