Friday, December 19, 2014

The Streets of Woodfield- (Schaumburg, IL)

The Streets of Woodfield is an outdoor shopping center located Schaumburg, IL, half an hour from Downtown Chicago and minutes from the best mall in the state, Woodfield Mall. Current Anchor stores of this prominent shopping destination are:

The Streets of Woodfield never started out as what it is known for today, the center originally was constructed as an enclosed, discount based shopping mall called One Schaumburg Place. The mall opened in 1991 and was anchored by:

The mall was vacant during most of its existence, particularly after Montgomery Ward closed in 1997.

The mall was purchased in 1997, and began to under go construction, where the mall was converted from a two level indoor mall into a streetside retail development. The construction was completed in 2000. 

Originally The Home Depot's indoor designer furniture store, The Expo was suppose to open an a new south anchor to the develoment, but opened along Meacham Rd.

The Lego Land opened in July 2008.

The Crate & Barrel and Whole Foods opened as out-parcel stores in 2010.

Pictures from Halloween 2012 and August 2013:

If anyone has pictures of the mall, old or new, feel free to post and comment below.

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